Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Roy Walker..

Its been  a while...

I haven't been to any gigs recently...always on the look out. But i did go to a small gig which my piano teacher, Bernie was playing at, down on the barbican at Blackjacks, which was cool.

The last few months i have been lots more active, walking loads more with my new walking aid. I have named it Roy...see what 've done there...Roy...Walker?! I also have another turnsafe at the gym which means i can get on all the equipment loads easier. I have been using the bike pretty much everytime i go up there and all the resistance machines, and the other day i got my head around the rowing machine.

Carly still comes around and does reflexology for me which is wicked.

I watched wimbledon as always, much to my disappointment, with Andy not winning...he did well...theres always next year.

Summer has been shit so far hey? the wettest ever, which is painful because i need my sunshine.

a couple weeks back i went on a random one to Maker ferstival which was cool. I bumped into some old mates which was cool....Naomi, Nick Markers and it ended up being quite a social event! That same weekend I also went to Chris and Nicola's wedding reception and had a good catchup with some old friends...Kemp, Macca, Gooding and Philip McCrack - it was accused of being a pirate several times as i was on the rum!

My medication has been slowly decreased and I have come of some of the tiring medication which used to knock me out, so my stamina is much better now. I am now mentally preparing myself for my skydive, which will hopefully be sometime in September in Honiton, weather depending. Scary shit!

I have discovered a place in Seale Hayne called Hannahs, which is the same guys as Dame Hannah Rogers in Ivybridge, but bigger and better. Its a little surreal oasis in the countryside. I thought i would partake in some music sessions that happen down there..i have been chatting with a guy called Carl down there who is arranging some stuff for me to do. I have had this wacky idea to see if i could organise a disabled band for a bit of fun and a this space. I have met several musicians there with varying disabilities and i'm pretty sure i can work with some of them. there is a guy there who wants to learn to DJ and scratch so I am hoping to be able to help him with that.

I am gonna cut this short now because i am off to do some rowing!

Spinz out

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


It s not hardcore supersex.

Sorry about that. My main focus at the moment is my physical fitness...been going down the gym loads..about 2 or 3 times a week, doing lots of walking, which is improving slowly...i'm not tripping over my own feet so much now which is always a good thing. the gym is only 2 minutes away which makes life really easy.

About a week ago, I went to the mr scruff gig at the student union with Carly and Matt. It was amazing.. its just what i needed...met some cool people, but unfortunately didnt get any numbers - it was too loud. Being there made me want to get back into education and go to uni...meeting people, learning new stuff. I'm looking at music based this space!

For the first time that i can remember, i now have a phone that i can actually use. the novelty of texting people still hasn't worn off. it makes it so easy to just give someone a prod now. its an iphone with siri, so i can talk to it and tell it to text or phone. sometimes it gets what i say perfectly; other times it comes out as gobbledegoop...but it plays a vital role in my social life.

I have decided not to see a psychologist every week now, as i felt not enough time passes inbetween sessions and so i have nothing to say!

The other cool thing which makes me more independent which i have at the moment, is an electric chair (with a really threatening horn - sounds like a kids toy). At first i didn't like picturing me in an electric chair, but since i have been getting used to it, I can do longer missions without anyone pushing me. sweet. the most amazing thing is, people move out of your way quickly!

Now, i can't wait till the weather is gonna warm up...sunshine and hot women...i'm in desperate need!

Spinz back into society..

Sunday, 18 December 2011

30 and no different..

yesterday...i spent what seemed like 17 hours in my living hell of christmas usual i left it till the last minute, which meant everywhere was packed, as if everyone in Plymouth was trying to escape from a radioactive bomb!

Recently, my mate Tom came over from far far away. We had a good catch up and talked about getting a lyricist to spit on my legendary Pinochio beat, which has remained naked for quite a few years now.

At the moment, I am having crabs, lobsters and oysters...shit, i've lost my train of thought. what i was trying to say, was, i am having regular reflexology from my old school mate Carly, which is wicked as the reflexology is really enjoyable, and its nice to just chat about our mates and social life.

Still thinking about the next album, which is gonna be called 'Despite Everything'...i'm going to push to make it different again. it will probably be a combination of samples and stuff that I have composed and played.

I seem to be getting in cars a lot more now, which is definately getting easier, using just the door to grab onto and swinging round, which means i can pretty much get into any car, which is cool.

A few weeks back, i got pissed of at some comments posted on one of my youtube videos. They have no understanding of anything. They think they are being funny when they are just not. I can't be bothered with these people, so i shall just carry on regardless.

So...30 now..I had a couple of drinks down the barbican with mum, dad, my sister and was a good night. It is surprising how being 30 feels no older than I was at 29...just more of a goon maybe.
My mate Chaz called to say he couln't make was good to catch up with him.

In my piano lessons, i have been using different techniques to play....using more of my fingers, which is working really well.

I seem to be missing lots of my mates, as lots have moved away, especially goods who ihave really got to know over the last few years...and now they live so far away...d'oh!

one more thing...kiss my still scratching, 30 year old face!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Well...its been a while.I saw Bill Bailey...I was sitting so close to him I could have reached out and touched his big bald head. I have seen him before, and his show has changed loads...even funnier this time...damn musical genius...I envy his talent so much. Not only is he is a comical genius, but he is so musically talented, he makes me feel like a king Edward potato.

I am still carrying on with seeing Piers, my physio and going to the gym. Last week we went to Marjons gym, getting into his car using no equipment...just Piers' know how. I showed Piers what I usually do at the gym...we then tried some new equipment...stuff I usually only look at, but this time using them - like the rowing machine and a leg weightlifting machine...and I was also walking from machine to machine.

As well as all the exercise, I have been using my new standing frame loads, playing on the Wii and generally building the strength in my legs, which is coming on beaut.

I haven't been going out so much for drinks...but have been focusing more on building my strength. Also, I can't handle the hangovers anymore. I feel better for it! However, I did have my housewarming and had a a bit pissed..had a wicked time and was a good opportunity to catch up with some mates.

I'm working with Steve on some new music...I haven't used any samples yet, but I have been composing some stuff on the piano. Also I feel amazed to say that i am doing what I only dreamed of doing again...scratching standing up..have a look here:

Also I have been playing some piano sitting on a perching stool, like tweety bird. Getting out my wheelchair just helps to make me feel a bit more's the vid for that one too:

One big thing thing that has changed is the amount of freedom I now have, as I no longer have  two people for transfers in the morning and at night, which basically means I can now choose when I wake up and go to last.

And finally..hopefully, I may be getting the new iphone, which means that with its voice control, I will be able to call people and make arrangements a lots easier...which is spiffing.

And finally, finally...I have been watching Fresh is absolute genius...gutted that it has finished...for now anyway.

Spinz out

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

bill bailey

everything seems to be happening quite quickly now...the main change is that i have this thing called a turnsafe which will mean very shortly i will be able to go to bed with the assistance of just one person..which will make a big difference to me...happy days!

Steve downloaded some cool software on my computer which means I can make some mini mixes to go on out for them.

On Sunday, I am going with my family to see Bill Bailey...looking forward to it...should be good.

Recently I went down to the marina on the barbican and...i'm falling asleep on that cliffhanger...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

sign of the times

I have been walking more and more frequently with my physio, and have also been using a zimmerframe type thing (i'm not that old yet, surely!). I think I will be using it with my staff, building up my leg muscles more.

I also have a standing frame on order from Italy, which will help me to do more stuff standing up with less assistance which will be amazing.

I have been going down music zone, jammin' with kenny hectic, using some of their cool equipment. also. finally, I have got my legendary QFO (mobile decks for scratching) back, since the last time stuff started flying off it! It virtually took off.Hopefully, Jonny (scribes) will come and record a tune with me at somepoint when he is down this way.

Anyway, Dad is coming round for a pint soon, so i'm off..

Thursday, 6 October 2011

captain beefheart

Last sunday, I went to my sisters for a really nice bbq for my niece's birthday. It was like summer should be, all be it temporarily for just one day.

The piano lessons are going good..although not quite at Rachmaninov's level just yet.

I am now on skype, complete with my new video call me. my skype name is spinzandneedles. speak soon

I have been thrown around in another hardcore physio session...really good for my legs. also had another session at the gym...working on those guns!

i have been posting more stuff on youtube..especially 'Soul search'...a tune i made the same time as Greytown...check it out

peace and pineapples